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Well how about that then, nearly 20 days went by without me making a post on here even though I had time to!  How very lazy of me.  So what has been going on in the ever exciting life of Tom?


I’m pissed off, in fact, make that really pissed off.  There weren’t many films on my list for 2015 but Chappie was one I was very much looking forward to.  Guess which film I missed?

There is a magic to the cinema that is still felt no matter how old you grow; going to the cinema is still an experience you can’t help but enjoy (except when watching a shit film).  While I was growing up, once a film was taken out of the cinema you had a long wait before the VHS cassette was released to Blockbuster or alike; you then had a longer wait till it could be purchased in Woolworths.  Now, films seem to hit the shelves only weeks after leaving the cinema.  At least I’ll see Chappie soon.

Avengers: Age of Ultron came out on my Birthday so I treated myself to a midnight showing.  Whether you follow the comic books or not, the film is highly enjoyable!  It’s rare that a set of films all following different characters are all good; Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk were all excellent films with the right amount of action and comedy you need.  Watching Thor’s face as Captain America wobbles Mjolnir is priceless yet if you blink, you miss it.

Minions and Jurassic Park World are next in the cinema and thankfully I’ve saved my last couple of vouchers for just those.  Most likely it’ll see me up at midnight again but it is worth it when you get to see magic on screen.

Raspberry Pi

You’ll have seen in my last post that I have used a Raspberry Pi to create the ultimate emulation computer.  I can’t tell you just how awesome this little box of tricks is.

Smaller than my fist but packs a mighty punch!

Smaller than my fist but packs a mighty punch!

It might not look much, just a small PCB with some recognisable ports soldered on but in reality this is quad core PC has a lot to offer.  Don’t expect it to open the latest version of Office but if you wanted to create a home media centre this is it.

For those of you that want to create what I did, you’ll have to spend about £80 in total.  What that will buy you is:

A Raspberry Pi 2, Quad Core processor with 1Gb RAM
An Xbox 360 USB Controller
A Raspberry Pi 2 Case (I’d suggest the Tontec case on Amazon with fan included)
A Power supply
A 64Gb Micro SD Card

If you ask nicely, I might even do this all for you for no additional cost.  Should you want to give it a try yourself check out this site: Build RetroPie.

As for my setup?  It’s rather impressive if I do say so myself!  I have a range of games for the biggest consoles from my youth and the appropriate USB controllers to control them.  If you want to play N64 then out come the n64 controllers, SNES?  You’ve got it.  Thanks to cheap Chinese knock offs, the controllers can be picked up on eBay for about £10 per two.

The Pi is smaller than most of the controllers, how awesome is that!

The Pi is smaller than most of the controllers, how awesome is that!

Angry Video Game Nerd

As my last post detailed, I loved this series of videos. James Rolfe aka the Nerd has also created several other incredibly funny sets including ‘Board James’, an insight in to shitty board games.  I would highly recommend watching the Mr Bucket episode, albeit puerile and crude I can’t help laughing my arse off.

Really though?  Could you get away with telling children to put their balls in a bucket?  Head over to Cinemassacre for more of these videos.

Having watched so much of it I can’t help but want to try filming something for myself.  Luke has made the suggestion that we do 5 minute reviews of old films, it’s going to happen but I’m not sure when.  Dammit, here’s another influence for me to add to one of my first articles, Influences.

What next?

I started this post by saying that I’d been lazy, it’s true so the future for the blog from today?  I’m going to do a post a day for a month.  If it starts to turn to crap then I’ll stop but fingers crossed I might stay entertaining you all.




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