Seriously, stop now.

What in the actual fuck

A fair few months ago I wrote a post about people posting utter shit to Facebook.  The above photo is the latest I’ve seen and seriously, it needs to stop now.  For fun, let’s break this down in to sections to highlight how much bollocks it genuinely is.

‘My Husband says I cant get many likes’

No he didn’t.  We don’t know who this woman is, where she came from, whether she has a husband or a wife and whether that person gives shit about social media likes or not.

‘My Husband says I cant get many likes because I’m disable and disables aren’t beautiful’

Oh for fuck sake, it just gets worse as you read it doesn’t it.  ‘I’m disable and disables aren’t beautiful’, really?  Are we really meant to believe that this attractive ladies husband is so callous and mean to say she won’t get any likes because she is, as the post creator states ‘Disables’.

No, just no ok?  She is disabled not disables and there is no person on earth who would maintain a marriage whilst also advertising the emotional abuse they are put through on Facebook like this.

‘If you think I’m beautiful hit a Like and write Amen please’

Now you get to the truth of the matter ‘hit a like and write Amen’.  What does this actually do?  Fuck all, that’s what it does.  No matter how many likes or amens the picture gets, no one actually cares.  You might think you care but really, what does that Amen or Like do?  Is it making her life better?  Is it removing her from the emotional abuse of the so called Husband?

I’m going to sound a little like a conspiracy theorist now but I do believe a lot of these posts help generate more spam.  How I hear you ask so let me explain.  When you view your public profile, can you see your mobile number, e-mail address or location?  If that’s a yes then the person who made this post can also see that and in turn use that data for notorious gain.  Maybe I’m wrong but it’s still worth thinking about.

So what’s my conclusion in all of this?  STOP SHARING THIS SHIT!




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