Random memories that have come back to me..

Music Technology

In semi-recent post (http://www.roughing-it.net/?p=438) I talked about the previous music technology that I had used and which one was my favourite.  After a while my brain got a little frazzled and I just assumed that the Minidisc player I had owned was friggin awesome.  Well, my stance on that hasn’t changed; My first Minidisc player was awesome and it served me very well but what I had forgotten to tell you was when it eventually failed, I bought a new one from the then popular Dixon’s in St Albans and that had the USB connector.  I’m not sure what bought this all to mind, it may have been that the second model was a Sony and I knew for a fact that my first one was not but after a couple of minutes googling Minidisc external battery packs I found it.

Say hello to the Aiwa AM-F70:

So many memories with this gorgeous thing.

I adored this thing and wish Minidiscs had taken off a little more.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love having iTunes on my phone and access to any song I want but the geek in me wants something physical to play with.

Music Cassettes

In one of my first posts (http://www.roughing-it.net/?p=98) I told you about how my older brother Roland, pirated a copy of Kerplunk by Green Day.  In fact, if you look in the comments section you will see his response which made it all the more enjoyable knowing that I’d not got it wrong.

What a collection of tunes!

Roland had a fair few cassettes as he went in to his Teens and not all of them were Alice in Chains, Nirvana and a like, instead one was the BBC Sporting Themes album.  It might not sound the most amazing album but if you were a child of the eighties then you’ll know what I’m talking about!  These were the original tracks used for classics such as Ski Sunday, the Grand Prix and Cricket.  You cannot beat Booker T and the MG’s performing Soul Limbo!!

This has bought back such memories that I’ve even created a playlist for my journey home tonight!




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