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Don’t feel left out, I haven’t gone and forgotten my beloved Roughing-it site, far from it in fact. You will notice that I haven’t made a post in a few weeks though and yes, that is inline with me and Luke setting up a new YouTube channel called Video Game Basement. Why didn’t I keep this name for it? Well, it’s simple really. This site is mine, I created it and the content on it so far has been my own. I have a chance to voice my opinion, stupid thoughts or just say pointless things that probably mean more to me than you. That is how it will stay for now and forever.

It’s glorious is it not?

So what is Video Game Basement when it’s at home? Well for the past two years Luke and I have been out walking at the end of our long days and enjoying the nature that surrounds us. Sometimes we talk about personal life and the positives and negatives that arise from it whilst other times we talk about utter bollocks such as why a game or film is better that another. Originally Video Game Basement was going to be a YouTube channel of us looking at films we enjoyed and telling you about the history of them, why they are amazing or crap and then doing something funny. We discussed this in quite a bit of depth and actually felt like we were making a move in the right direction but then the winter arrived and with that so did Luke’s degree. The winter killed any chance of heading out without getting covered in mud and the degree killed any spare time Luke might have had so we waited. Then we waited some more. Then a little spark occurred in Luke’s head.

We both enjoy and always have enjoyed our video games from my start with the ZX Spectrum or Luke’s with the Super Nintendo. They have taken away many an hour from our lives and Luke suggested we should do a channel that we are both passionate about. Getting ideas from the Angry Video Game Nerd, Nostalgia Critic and various others, we started thinking about what we could do that will be new or original. Trust me when I tell you this, you might think you are being original but I can guarantee that someone else plus 100 others on YouTube will be doing the same thing. We settled with a simple idea:

‘Let’s complete games that we played when we were younger and never bothered to finish’

Simple and with a little bit of money spent the filming was very easy to do. This brings us nicely up to today where we now have 4 quick plays uploaded, 2 full play through episodes and 1 challenge in the pipeline. I promise this site won’t be forgotten about and I will still be making regular posts detailing the inane, just remember I’m now working on a second project that links nicely to this.

Why not check out the new site over at or our YouTube channel at




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