Holy shit kids TV could be scary

So it’s been a while, sorry, you’ll get over it I’m sure and to make sure of this I thought long and hard about which topic to resurface with.

Kids TV was fucking terrifying sometimes.


How can Rainbow be terrifying?  Those of you born in the 70s and 80s will remember a few things about Rainbow including either the amazing intro (see below) or the rude rhyme (see a little further below)

Zippy and Bungle
playing in the jungle having a lot of fun,
Zippy got silly, whipped out his willy
and shoved it up Bungles bum.

Well, if you are around my age (33, rock on 1984!) then you’d well remember the characters as most of us know them.  Did you know, I certainly didn’t, that in series 1 Bungle had a completely different costume?

That’s the fat git we all remember.


Well check his 70s scary arse out:

Your Soul children, I want your Soul. Look at my friends magic triangle and bend over.


From what I’ve researched, Rainbow was only granted additional series IF it promised to change the design of Bungle.  Thank god they did.

The Real Ghostbusters

I have very fond memories of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon and the amazing sticker album that I’ve mentioned previously.  Recently Netflix has got hold of the complete collection and has made it available in the UK, awesome right?  Yes and No, I don’t remember it being so god damn scary!  I’m amazed that I ever slept with scenes such as Peter being possessed by what appears to be Satan.

If Bungle doesn’t have your Soul, I’ll have it..




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