Damn it, more freaky things in kids TV!

Do you remember the Brollys?  No, well that doesn’t surprise me as not many people do.  It was a small animation in the late 80s to early 90s about a little boy who can’t sleep.  During this time he has an acid trip imagines he’s shrinking and goes and visits his weather house friends – Mr Brolly, Mrs Brolly and the little thunder cloud.  How quaint.

I bet you didn’t know that it was all real, or at least it was real to the little boy who had been purchased the possessed weather house by a bastard relative?  You didn’t?  You don’t believe me either?  Well check this out:

Check out our sweet pentagram..

Ok, may be it’s a fake?  Nope, here in a second episode we see it again:

Get the fuck off my magic brolly and praise our lord and master Satan.

Of course this does all make sense when you think about it.  Satan is planning on taking over the world and the easiest way is to control the weather.  Who’d think to look in a little boys weather house for the chaos that is occurring?

Let me leave you with one other fucked up thing, say hello to the Kids TV show Noseybonk..

Yes, he’s planted Dildos. Great. Just great.




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